Established in 1989-  

SERVING THE TREASURE VALLEY                           

S​​teven Anderson is the owner and sole inspector of Anderson Construction and Home Inspections Of Idaho, (ACHII). For nearly 30 years, Steven has operated independently in the Construction industry.
Combining expertise attained through meticulous training and experience with an unyielding commitment to his clients, Steven holds his work to the highest standard to provide a complete home inspection that leaves nothing to be desired. Steven's profound knowledge of home construction is a valuable asset when recognition of code violations, the identifications of deficiencies, and navigation of various challenges existing within the inspection industry.  Steven firmly believes that an honest home inspector should work in the best interest of the client. That’s why Anderson Construction and Home Inspection of Idaho does everything possible to arm clients with the information they need to protect their investment. When Steven isn’t inspecting homes, he continues is skills as a Master Carpenter from custom finish carpentry too small or large home improvement projects.